In 2002 we started a study of a new production system for large size O-rings.

Our production system is based on a compression step-moulding process that guarantees the highest mechanical properties.

The machines and the moulds we use are invented, designed and built in our internal departments and all the process is controlled by manipulators and specially developed software. With our experience we can produce now two types of product: non standard O-rings and CordOne, the last developed innovation that comes out from our company.

We can provide O-rings with cross sections from 2.62 mm to 40.00 mm, with internal diameter from at least 200.00 mm up to…the infinite! And you can choose one of about 60 materials we commonly use (or any other else you need, just ask!). So which ever dimension is needed, we can produce it! Special plants, large machinery and equipments, non-standard applications, etc. will be equipped with O-rings produced with our system. It therefore opens a new market where quality, price and service reach the highest levels. We ensure you tolerances according to ISO normatives and the best finishings.

CordOne is the new era of O-ring Cord. We produce what is usually known as vulcanized cord, but with our system we can give you a real O-ring with a (quite) endless lenght. In fact this revolutionary product is compression moulded so to have:

  • Dimension tolerances according to ISO 3601-1

  • Surface tolerances according to ISO 3601-3

  • Great compression-set and mechanical properties

  • Rectified surface

And that's not all! Because for all our products there are:

  • No minimum quantities to purchase: Do you need just one O-ring? Or only a reel? Just ask for it!

  • No moulding costs: No worries about different dimensions especially for small quantities, we're not charging you for tools!

  • Do you have an emergency? You need those pieces right now? Ask for our Xpress Service! We have a dedicated production line that ensure you deliveries in four, seven or ten days, or even less if it's possible!

Contact us for further information or register on our website to have a private area where you can find all the documents you need. And on our Buy online portal you can have immediate offers for Xpress Service deliveries and purchase in real time!


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