Online tool for cable and pipe transits

Paul Boughton

Cable and pipe seal supplier Roxtec is offering a free and user-friendly online tool to make work with cable and pipe transits easier for designers and engineers – regardless of industry.

The Roxtec Transit Designer, a free web application developed for design departments using the sealing system, is an example of Roxtec striving for simplicity. The tool simplifies product selection according to sealing requirements and improves the entire process of designing, purchasing and installing cable and pipe transits.

“During the development process, we saw designers finalise a drawing in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes thanks to the Roxtec Transit Designer,” says Roger Johansson, executive vice president of Business Areas Marine/Offshore and OEM/Telecom. “The tool drives efficiency and reduces project risks. We are eager to offer this free service to design firms globally.”

Giuseppe Principato is an instrument designer working in Italy. He is one of thousands of designers and engineers in more than 80 countries who have already discovered the benefits of the design software since its launch in 2013. Principato works with tasks such as developing material requisitions for bulk materials as well as with preparing cable routing, cable entries, wiring, installation details and job specifications. “I use the Roxtec Transit Designer every time a multi-cable transit is accepted or requested by our customer,” he says. “It is easy to use and understand, and it helps me save time. You can customise cable transits and easily change the arrangement of the transit whenever you need.”

The software is available online and on touchscreen devices. It helps designers and engineers: select the right sealing solution (they can filter by application, certificate and sealing requirements); save time and money (they can speed up the entire process and design a transit in minutes); and reduce risk (the project team gets it all right from the start – 3D models, drawings, material lists and installation instructions).

Simple inputs, approved outputs

Designers just enter cable schedule, sealing or certification requirements and installation preferences – and the tool generates manufacturer-approved documents such as Bill of Materials and CAD drawings. They can share their work with project teams anywhere in the world, and the chat function offers them instant access to the Roxtec expertise.


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