Online EMC training news

Louise Davis

New training courses have been added to the EMC Standards website to help design engineers ensure safe product design. The courses consist of various presentations, course notes and webinars delivered by worldwide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) specialist Keith Armstrong, all of which provide engineers with a practical understanding of EMC, signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI).

The courses, which Armstrong has delivered globally and personally updated, are available to purchase from EMC Standards’ website. Sample resources are also available to registered members of the website, alongside a range of other educational material.
The full range of courses provides an extensive understanding of good EM engineering practices, with material addressing topics including EMC compliance and testing, SI, PI and EMC design techniques and managing functional safety risks. The training material covers modules, sub-assemblies, products, equipment, systems and installations of any size, type and complexity.
“My aim has always been to transfer knowledge and experience to people by reducing the steep learning curve of EMC education,” explained Armstrong. “These courses have become renowned in the engineering community, as they teach engineers to avoid repeating the costly design mistakes that so many others have made.
There is a wealth of SI, PI and EMC resources available for free to both members and non-members on the EMC Standards site. The new training material is available from the members-only training section of the site. Engineers and contractors interested in enhancing their knowledge of EMC compliance and practices can register for free.