One supply connection for robots

Louise Smyth

The Multiline E sets standards for industrial automation since it is designed for convenient use in combination with switch cabinets, tools, machine components and robots. The perfectly compatible modular design also allows flexible integration of different diameters, connection types and media in one connector. The advantage of the Multiline E is the simultaneous connection of electrical and electronic signals as well as operating media such as cooling water under pressure, in a non-drip connection – without the risk of short circuits or contamination.

Modular design for easy repair

The Multiline E exchangeable unit for robots consists of two multi-media connectors, which can be mounted on the robot by means of two angle brackets, two tube bundles for mounting the protective tube and the protective tube itself. Depending on the individual configuration of the multi-media connectors, other components include pre-assembled electrical cables and tubes, in addition to the corresponding inserts.

The exchangeable unit is delivered as a complete assembly, resulting in clear advantages for the user, such as simplified warehousing due to the modular design and simplified ordering, since the entire application is provided by a single supplier. Individually configured modules ensure fast and easy mounting, and defective connections can be replaced by exchanging the entire unit during non-productive time. An exchangeable unit that has been replaced can then be repaired separately to minimise downtimes. Eisele Pneumatics GmbH