Oil gains turbine system approval

Paul Boughton

Q8Oils’ Q8 Volta range of high-performance turbine oils has been approved for use on a number of gas and steam turbine circulation systems; and now meets the MAN Turbo SPD 10000494596 specification and Alstom Power’s HTGD 90117 specification.

Unlike many conventional turbine oils that are based on Group I or Group II base fluids, Q8 Volta is created using a high-quality Group III base fluid that has been specifically developed to offer outstanding resistance against ageing and oxidation. It also provides a long, trouble-free service life, excellent protection against rust and corrosion, outstanding water separation performance and features rapid air-release properties.

Commenting for Q8Oils, energy specialist Tony O’Keeffe says: “Our laboratory tests confirm that Q8 Volta is unlike other turbine oils that simply meet OEM specifications, it is a quality oil designed and developed to last the 5 to 10 years demanded by the latest gas and steam turbines.”

The new Q8 Volta range includes four turbine oils. Q8 Volta 32 and Q8 Volta 46 are developed specifically for conventional gas and steam turbines; and Q8 Volta EP 32 and Q8 Volta EP 46 for geared systems. All the oils in the range can also be used for either gas or steam turbine applications and will exceed the necessary industry standard specifications including DIN 51515-1 & 2, BS 489, ISO 6743-5 and ISO 8068.

To ensure that Q8Oils develops oils that oxidise slowly, laboratory tests to artificially age oils are carried out over a 10-week period, during which lubricant breakdown (eg antioxidant decrease) is compared with performance indicators. Oils that oxidise slowly are not commonplace because most are designed to meet fresh oil specs and additives that perform well when fresh will not necessarily age slowly.

Each test is carried out in a controlled environment, with the oil temperature set to 135 degrees centigrade and an airflow rate of 6ltr/hr. Steel catalyst bars are used to increase the speed of the oxidation process and therefore shorten the test duration. The pictures accompanying this press release show three oils (Q8 Volta EP46 and two competitor products) following a ten-week laboratory test.

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