Offshore platform supplier acquires new system

Paul Boughton

Jack-Up Barge, the offshore self-elevating platform supplier, has announced the acquisition of the Odin self-elevating platform from Hochtief. The acquisition expands the Jack-Up Barge fleet, increasing capacity and versatility.

This is a new approach from Jack-Up Barge, which had previously expanded with new builds. The company is renaming the barge JB 119, ready to take its place alongside the seven platforms are currently operated. The platform, 46.1m long by 30m wide and 4.6m high, has 60m legs that enable operation in water depths of up to 45m. The platform features on-board accommodation for up to 40 people. 

Jack-Up Barge commercial director Maarten Hardon says the JB 119 will fit neatly into the existing fleet, with no requirement for adjustments to be made. “She fits perfectly into our portfolio,” he says. “Currently the platforms we operate are generally for either large- or small-scale operations. This acquisition will enable us to offer a mid-scale platform in the future.”

Hardon says the purchase was a natural one, when the opportunity arose, considering the quality of the platform. “She was well maintained, in good condition and with an almost new crane.” The Liebherr BOS 7500 Heavy Lift Crane lifts 300t at 15m. The maximum reach of the boom is 84m to accommodate offshore wind installations.

Hardon says that the platform’s specifications make her suitable for use as a coastal unit carrying out civil construction work or for small offshore wind installation projects. Jack-Up Barge is planning to put the platform into international service and has already secured a contract for her in South America. She is due to sail at the beginning of May for a construction project that is expected to take eight months.

In the past Hochtief employed the platform for foundation pile installation, offshore substation construction and pile driving for harbour construction. 

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