Offshore geotechnical projects across three continents

Paul Boughton

Gardline Geosciences Limited, part of Gardline Marine Sciences Limited, has headed south this winter, embarking on several offshore  Gardline Geosciences Limited across three continents.

Gardline’s geotechnical drilling vessel Ocean Discovery is currently in the Caribbean region undertaking multiple projects over several months with boreholes up to 120m below the seabed. 

In Venezuela, Gardline Geosciences are working on a nearshore jack-up platform alongside sister company Lankelma, carrying out ground investigation for the new 10.8km Puente Nigale crossing over Lake Maracaibo.

In West Africa, the company is performing an extensive soil investigation programme to 40m below seabed close to existing infrastructures. Gardline Geosciences are using the remote drilling system ROVDrill from the vessel Olympic Triton, under the long-term collaboration agreement with Canyon Offshore. Gardline Geosciences are also actively supporting Lankelma on jack-up based borehole programmes across the region.

In Australia, Gardline Geosciences are concurrently working on a deepwater sampling project off the north coast on the MV Duke, a survey vessel operated through Gardline’s joint venture with CGG, as well as a shallow water geotechnical investigation along the south coast.

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