Offshore expert’s preview of Subsea Asia showcase

Paul Boughton

Trelleborg’s offshore operation will present its extended range of subsea applications including its recently re-branded portfolio of thermal insulation materials, at Subsea Asia 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The company will showcase its advancements in buoyancy, bend restrictors and stiffeners as well as its flowline protection solution, Uraduct. However, taking centre stage will be the portfolio of thermal insulation solutions, Vikotherm; specifically its high-performance R2 and S1 materials. Thermal insulation sales manager, Adrian Wood, will also deliver a presentation on Wednesday, June 11 entitled, “Thermal insulation as part of the flow assurance sub-segment.”

Wood comments: “Subsea environments are becoming harsher and exploration is going deeper, resulting in a real need for higher performance solutions that are guaranteed to perform under these extremes. Our Vikotherm portfolio more than caters to these environments, delving to depths as low as 3,000+m (9,843+ft) and temperatures as low as -49°C (-56°F) and as high as +115°C (+311°F). As such, our customers are reassured that oil and gas can continue to flow through the pipe as required.  

“In my presentation, I will discuss the intricacies of thermal insulation and how it can maintain flow rates to avoid unnecessary shut down or delay.”

Trelleborg’s Vikotherm range has recently been re-branded to consolidate all of its thermal insulation materials under one portfolio. Two of the solutions from the range include the R2 and S1, which will be presented on stand at Subsea Asia.

Vikotherm R2 consists of a three-layer coating system that provides total protection against corrosion and hydrogen-induced stress cracking (HISC). Similarly, its seawater, impact and creep resistance means that it offers excellent thermal insulation properties. The material is suitable for jumpers and spool pieces, tie-in spools, manifolds, subsea trees, risers and flowlines, joints, insulation covers and many more applications.

In addition, the Vikotherm S1 is based on non-syntactic silicone technology. This material is ideal for risers and flow lines, subsea trees,  manifolds,  terminations and more. The S1 cures at room temperature without exposure to air, making it resistant to cracking and shrinking. In addition, the absence of glass microspheres means it provides superior joint strength, increased thermal conductivity, long-term flexibility and increased hydrolytic stability. As it’s not restricted by geometry or thickness limitations, the S1 can meet a broad range of application specifications.

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