Offshore diesel filtration system

Louise Smyth

Amazon Filters reports on supply to a major offshore oil and gas operator of a bespoke system to ensure effective diesel filtration to protect critical turbines used for on-board power generation.

Having a reliable power supply is critical to the smooth running of any offshore oil and gas operation.

Due to the long lead time and short operating life of 'high flow' diesel filter cartridges from its original supplier the oil and gas operator risked failure of its turbines which could lead to costly shutdowns.

Tasked with resolving these issues, Amazon Filters undertook a programme of testing different filter packs and analysing the returned used cartridges. Using this data - Amazon Filters quickly produced optimised prototype filters which were sent offshore for field tests.

Customer feedback, after several weeks of trials, indicated that the new multi-layered  pleated glass fibre filters were now enabling turbine run times of days rather than hours between filter replacement.

This bespoke pleated filter was supported by stainless steel outer cage and core, to allow operation at high differential pressures while protecting the media in the demanding offshore environment.

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