Offset adjustment for energy chains with floating tow-arm

Paul Boughton

Allowing for lateral offset at the moving end, the floating tow-arm (FTA) from moving energy specialist igus ensures smooth running of energy chains in a guide trough by floating from side-to-side to compensate for misalignment in the system.

The igus FTA system is suitable for a variety of applications; in particular for ‘ship-to-shore’ container cranes where the system can accommodates for play in the trolley wheels and rails.

Offering stress-free movement along the entire travel distance, which can be up to 100m, the FTA system extends operational lifetime of the system and can handle speeds up to 2m/s.

Small, lightweight and cost-effective, the FTA system from igus is compatible with the company’s 'PPDS basic' unit for remote condition monitoring; this helps prevent damage and downtime on gliding applications with smaller energy chains.

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