Non-telescoping retrieval tool

Paul Boughton

With the introduction of the Magnetic Retriever, Rohrback Cosasco Systems is making retrieval operations of corrosion coupons and probes easier for field service personnel.

The Magnetriever (MAG-6) offers a lightweight, compact, non-telescoping retrieval tool for high pressure corrosion monitoring systems. The MAG-6 magnetically couples the internal and external drive mechanisms of the tool for insertion and retrieval of corrosion probes and/or coupons.

Titanium construction ensures a light-weight, corrosion resistant, durable design suited to the harsh environment of field operations.

The main mechanism of the magnetic retriever comprise just three parts: a pressure retaining outer barrel, moveable outer magnetic assembly, and inner magnetic drive assembly with socket adapter. 

The MAG-6 standard 25-in retriever weighs in just under 50 pounds

A single retriever can easily be modified to different lengths by switching out the barrel. The MAG-6 standard 25-in retriever weighs in just under 50 pounds. With less mechanical components and stationary internal seals, the MAG-6 maintains its safety integrity, while saving the operator time for both operation and maintenance. 

Elimination of the internal moving seals removes the increased resistance to movement that these seals produce as system pressure increases, making operation as easy at high pressure as low pressure.

The Magnetriever is available in two types of material, standard Titanium Grade 5 or Titanium 6246 conforming to NACE MR0175. Each Magnetic Retriever Kit is furnished with service tools and spare parts in a sturdy field service box to provide compact, easy storage, and portability.

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