Non-corrosive cooling

Jon Lawson

In applications with stringent requirements for corrosion resistance, stainless steel connectors of the Eisele INOXLINE are a suitable choice.

Especially in laser applications, which often use deionised water for cooling, they achieve very long life cycles and reduce maintenance intervals in comparison with alternative materials such as brass.

Laser cutting and laser welding processes not only generate heat, but also spatter and sparks, or the combustion gases and aerosols in the vicinity of the weld seam or kerf can affect the coolant connections.

Stainless steel connectors of 17 and 17A series of the Eisele INOXLINE with a release sleeve are especially suitable for this application.

The release ring used in conventional push-in connectors often becomes immovable by weld spatter.

By contrast, the Eisele release sleeve leaves no free space for such accumulations. This means that the connectors are still easy to open even after extended use. That is why Eisele connectors have long been used for welding applications in the automotive industry.

Stainless steel 1.4301/07 features excellent protection against corrosion and is resistant to the vast majority of media, as well as high temperatures.

Stainless steel connection components are therefore very durable and reliable.

All components are machined from solid material and can easily be combined with all other materials. Due to the large range of high-quality sealing materials, including Viton and FFKM, suitably designed push-in connectors of the Eisele INOXLINE can be used at temperatures from -50 °C to +200 °C.