Nitrogen oxide measurement

Paul Boughton

NOx emissions are not only an issue with automobile sources but although for stacks. Reliable NOx measurements are a must to provide the basis for emissions trading systems. Eco Physics offers the broadest range of monitors for nitrogen oxide measurement based on chemiluminescence detections (CLD), the reference method in all relevant standards and regulations.

These analysers can operate not only on mains but with 24VDC. So, even a mobile operation in the trunk of a car is an option and can add to the results of a chassis dynamometer test bench. There, the most dynamic instruments are needed. Eco Physics offers a CLD analyser covering six decades from 10,000ppm down to the maximum resolution of 1ppb.

Combining NOx and O2 measurements is the minimal configuration for an extractive continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS). With its newest addition Eco Physics offers a solution in one unit. It makes a simple and cost effective approach to meet legal requirements as some countries impose a special NOx tax for emission loads. Selective catalytic reduction systems are another example for use of this information.

Eco Physics has accomplished such a compact system without sacrificing analytical truth by utilising the most acknowledged technologies: Chemiluminescence detection (CLD) for nitrogen oxides measurement and a paramagnetic cell for the determination of the oxygen values. These measurement methods stand for a vast dynamic range, high accuracy, perfect linearity and great reliability.

The new instrument is based on the CLD 60 series with a state-of-the-art man machine interface. The colour touchscreen shows data or complete records in graphical mode. On line curves are available as well. Extensive data storage and simple connectivity are implicit features. USB connectors at the front extract data to a memory stick or connect a PC mouse. The HDMI plug allows attaching a bigger screen or a beamer. And the Ethernet socket is your access point to your local network.

If you are in need of such a monitoring solution, you will find the key to our economical solution with a straight forward system design. You start with a sampling system and finish with our new compact device: The Eco Physics NOxOx box.

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