Next-generation energy solutions for enhanced data centre operations

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Delta has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the UZR Gen3 Series UPS Li-ion battery system. Designed specifically for the data centre industry, this state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery rack solution is engineered for unmatched safety, reliability, and total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction. The UZR Gen3 Series represents a significant leap forward in critical power management, offering seamless integration with existing Delta solutions, including electrical power equipment, cooling systems, and other essential electrical hardware.
Commenting on the introduction of the UZR Gen3 Series, James Chen, General Manager of Energy Storage Product Business Development, Delta Electronics Inc., stated: "With the introduction of the UZR Gen3 Series, Delta now offers its data centre customers a complete integrated solution, that is comprised of its own branded lithium battery, electrical power equipment, cooling systems, UPS and other electrical hardware equipment. The introduction of the UZR Gen3 Series complements these existing solutions. Customers can now choose a Lithium-ion battery that benefits from the engineering knowledge and global support that is associated with the Delta brand."
UZR Gen3 Series users also benefit from:

Advanced safety and optimised reliability: The UZR Gen3 has been engineered to provide optimised operational safety. It has finished UL9540A testing with no fire observed nor propagation occurring. No dangerous gasses are emitted under normal operation, and it conforms to a comprehensive array of international safety standards, including UL1973, IEC62619 and IEC60730. They confirm that the UZR Gen3 offers safety-oriented design in both its hardware and BMS integration. With durability of up to 2-3 times that of similar solutions, the UZR Gen3 Series is a reliable, long-term investment that matches the replacement cycle of other core IT infrastructure solutions. It also delivers a service life of up to 10 years operation, ensuring it is dependable and worry-free.

Economic benefits: With its smaller footprint, long service life and high energy efficiency, the UZR Gen3 Series delivers significantly reduced customer capital investment and operation expenses. Furthermore, with less self-discharge and heat dissipation, the UZR Gen3 Series helps save OPEX, and its long service life makes budgeting and IT investment planning easier.

Usability and efficiency: Enclosed in a Standard 19" rack cabinet, the robust battery cabinet offers top cable entry and front access, making maintenance easy. A third of the size of alternative UPS solutions, the UZR Gen3 Series´ excellent space management enables convenient placement against a wall, optimising floor space use. It is 45% lighter than a VRLA battery, which further simplifies installation and upkeep. Despite its compact size, performance has not been compromised; the UZR Gen3 Series delivers the highest power density battery system for a data centre UPS. It delivers up to 470kW output with rated energy of 62.1kWh. It also charges up to ten times faster for improved charge times (2C vs. 0.2C).
The UZR Gen3 Series from Delta offers data centres a powerful tool for boosting efficiency and reliability while substantially lowering costs. Its innovative design and integration capabilities make it a vital component in modernizing power management infrastructures.