Next-gen connections

Louise Davis

Thomas Maier reveals how all media connections can be made with one flick of the wrist via a new modular kit system

Whether in plant construction or for maintenance and repair work, intelligent connectors are useful tools for the secure, efficient and space-saving connection of single components or entire assemblies by means of one easy-to-use connection.

Installation expense and set-up times can be considerably reduced. One expert in this sector has continued its product development to create a completely flexible modular system.

Flexibility is the key: in modern production there is a clear trend toward modular systems and customised production.

Multiple connectors make it possible to implement very transparent and standardised interfaces between system components or modules. This allows thorough testing of assemblies prior to delivery and commissioning.

On-site commissioning is then also simplified, through the well-known plug & play principle.

Maintenance is facilitated and setup times are reduced, since entire modules can easily be exchanged or switched. Development activities can also be delimited.

Defined and standardised interfaces therefore allow subcontracting of entire work bundles to external suppliers and facilitate development at distributed locations.

The multiple connectors from the Eisele Multiline offer high-quality, sustainable and robust connection technology for these tasks.

It’s not only time and money; space is also a crucial factor for efficient production. Media circuits are becoming ever more complex and confusing. This makes retrofitting and troubleshooting all the more difficult.

Well-organised media supply lines in a production facility are therefore important, especially from a business point of view.

To connect every hose and every line as a single element is not only a nuisance, but also costs money. The more often connections have to be disconnected and reconnected, the greater is the savings potential with the use of multiple connectors.

Large modular kit minimises warehousing 

An innovative step into the future of connection solutions is the strictly modular design concept of the Eisele Multiline Adaptive, which allows the flexible configuration of individual multiple connectors.

A system of adaptive inserts allows the combination of exactly the connections required for a particular application. 

Different connections such as electronics, pneumatics and fluids can be integrated in a single interface. It can be used to switch a pneumatic connection to a coolant connection without the use of tools, or to change the pin assignment of electrical connections.

The size of the connections – and therefore the respective hose diameter – is variable, since they are integrated in the standard- sized exchangeable inserts. They always fit into the hole pattern of the base body.

By integrating the required hole pattern in the machine housing, the modular concept can also be used as an individual and secure connection solution for machines and systems.

The customer can configure their required interface using the inserts and the configuration can be modified later for re-use. If an insert should unexpectedly break down, it can easily be replaced to restore the function of the connector.

Thanks to the modular system, warehousing is minimised. The multiple connectors are manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel. The connection Inserts are available in brass, dezincification-resistant brass for coolant circuits or stainless steel and can be used together in one connector. An additional option is available in the form of inserts for electric wires, which can likewise be combined with fluid connections.

The stainless steel versions, for example, are ideal for harsh, cleaning-intensive and hygiene-critical production environments, such as those in food processing - for example dairies - or in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Multiple media connectors and connectors for use with fluids open up many flexible areas of application. The new stainless steel Multiline Adaptive enables entirely different configurations for decentralised systems. 

The supply of media to grippers, robots and automation modules in general benefits from the compact and robust yet lightweight and flexible media supply.

The smooth surface of no-rust stainless steel 1.4404 prevents adhesion and breeding of micro-organisms. Its corrosion resistance also means that it can withstand the frequent cleaning cycles of the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is resistant to water, steam, humidity and acids. All products in the line feature a space-saving design, high-quality workmanship and user-friendly installation. 

Reliable sealing in any solution

The two-sided shut-off version is designed so that it can be connected even under pressure, with very little physical effort. For use with liquid media, inserts are available with shut-off valves and also in a drip-free version. 

To guarantee a secure threaded connection of the multiple connectors, a leak-free connection is established even before the connecting union nut is tightened. The nut has a unique end position that eliminates leaks due to incorrect installation. 

Thomas Maier is MD of Eisele Pneumatics

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