New VR headset

Online Editor

Varjo has announced the launch of Aero, the newest virtual reality (VR) device in its portfolio. The headset expands the company's reach beyond its traditional enterprise customer base to advanced VR users such as flight simulator enthusiasts. Aero offers leading visual fidelity, featuring true-to-life, edge-to-edge clarity across 115 degrees field of view. 

“We’ve heard the demand from leading-edge VR users such as aviators, creators and racing simulation enthusiasts to bring our highest-fidelity devices to everyone, not just enterprises,” said Urho Konttori, founder and CTO of Varjo. “As a result, we are proud to bring to market Aero, the best VR headset that anyone can get. This device, together with our Reality Cloud platform, continues our mission to make a true-to-life metaverse accessible for all.”

With a resolution of 35 pixels per degree, Aero offers a leading immersive experience to both professionals and high-end VR enthusiasts alike. Its advanced ergonomics and significantly reduced weight make it the lightest headset from Varjo to date. The headset features professional-grade mini LED displays, color tuning, contrast levels, and crystal clear aspheric variable resolution lenses. In addition, its built-in eye tracking powers not just interaction and analytics, but also foveated rendering that further reduces compute requirements and enables a crystal clear resolution. The lower PC hardware requirements of Varjo Aero enable more scalable deployments and various multi-user experiences, including flight and racing simulations, enterprise training scenarios, design and creative use-cases, as well as delivering immersive experiences in showrooms, museums and virtual arcades.

Aero also integrates with the company’s recently launched Reality Cloud service and will fully support virtual collaboration immediately with early access to the platform’s VR teleportation software. Additional functionality, such as content streaming from the cloud, will be supported in steps when Reality Cloud becomes generally available. With the delivery of a lower-barrier-to-entry headset option, Aero marks Varjo’s next step in making a photorealistic metaverse accessible for all.