New Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Jon Lawson

SKF has announced the introduction of its Ultrasonic Leak Detector TKSU 10, a device which utilises ultrasonic technology to locate leaks in compressed air or vacuum systems.

Designed for use in noisy, industrial environments, it identifies leakage via its ultrasound measurement sensor. The device features a convenient LED display, helping the user to optimise leak detection and supporting quantification of leakage.

The TKSU 10 comes with all components needed for leak detection: a lightweight, handheld leak detection device; headset with neck-band design for wearing with a protective helmet; flexible probe for accessing confined spaces; batteries; USB cable; and an SKF carrying case.

The SKF Ultrasonic Leak Detector is designed for use in most industries utilising compressed air, including paper and chemical, as well as workshops with air-driven power tools.

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