New ultra-thin tactile switch

Jon Lawson

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released a new ultra-thin sealed surface-mounting tactile switch rated at 1 million operations.

The Omron B3SE switch height of just 2mm contributes to the development of incredibly slim devices. The button gives the user positive tactile feedback, contributing a quality feel to the user interface. With a surface-mounting pin type, it’s suitable for high-density mounting. The silver plated switch is sealed conforming to IP67 (IEC 60529) standards providing high contact reliability in dusty environments and sealing against ingress of fluids during manufacturing. The B3SE can withstand temperatures between -25 to +70ºC with no icing or condensation. 
Andries de Bruin, European Product Marketing Manager, Omron comments, “The B3SE will allow designers to really challenge themselves to develop ultra-thin products with absolute confidence in the long term durability of the switch. The crisp click during operation will reassure end users that this is a high quality product.”
The B3SE is designed for applications including instrumentation, factory automation, consumer electronics, white goods and more.