New torque transducer

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Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) has launched a new torque sensor - type T210 - designed to help engineers carry out industrial application tests more efficiently.

T210 is a shaft-style transducer which measures torque, rotational speed and the angle of rotation; it can be connected easily to devices under test or integrated in test benches, as well as other applications. Thanks to its standard dimensions and known mounting hole pattern, the transducer can effortlessly replace comparable shaft torque sensors in many applications and is also suited for retrofitting.

This compact, strain-gauge based torque transducer features a precise measuring system, with non-contacting
energy and measurement signal transmission. Torque output signals are transmitted via a voltage and frequency-output, making it ideal for use in numerous applications including end-of-line testing or development test benches.

T210 torque sensors are available in nine capacities; from 0.5 N∙m to 200 N∙m. Accessories such as cables and bellows couplings are also available, making it simple for the user to integrate the sensor into the application or – if required – to change quickly between different measuring tasks.

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