New tipper for high density bulk solid materials

Louise Smyth

The new Tip-Tite pail tipper from Flexicon is for dumping pails containing high density bulk solid materials into downstream processing or storage vessels.

The unit accommodates pails of up to 19 litres measuring up to 380mm in height, and weighing up to 340kg.

Intended for powder metals, chemicals, pigments, minerals or other heavy, dense bulk solids, the unit features dual hydraulic cylinders that work in tandem to raise and seat the pail rim against a specially configured, elongated discharge cone, and then tip the pail to an angle of 45, 60 or 90º with a motion-dampening feature. At full rotation, the discharge cone seals against the inlet of the receiving vessel, creating a dust-tight connection and allowing controlled discharge through a pneumatically-actuated slide gate valve.

An optional pneumatically actuated vibrator on the discharge cone promotes complete evacuation of non-free-flowing materials.

The pail tipper is constructed of carbon steel, with material contact surfaces of stainless steel. Other models are available in all stainless steel finished to food, dairy, pharmaceutical or industrial standards.



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