New steel fire protective coating

Louise Davis

A breakthrough in fire protection from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings is offering a combination of durability and fast curing.

In most environments 20 years durability can be achieved with Firetex FX6002 intumescent coating, even without the need to apply a top coat. The most significant benefit of this new product however is the speed of curing - hard dry and handling times may be as fast as one hour.

Bob Glendenning, global fire engineering manager for Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, said: “With the substantial advances we have made in intumescent coating technology, we can offer a broader range of benefits and options than ever before.

“This is game-changing technology and allows for transport of steelwork within hours as compared to days currently for conventional water-based, solvent-based and epoxy-based products. Projects carried out using the original FX6000 product found vastly reduced damage on shop-painted steelwork once erected. The new FX6002 retains this mechanical durability while at the same reducing the required film thickness, again reducing holistic project cost due to lower material requirements and greatly reduced site touch-up requirements.”

For in-shop applicators of intumescent fire protection, FX6002 has Volatile Organic Content (VOC) levels comparable with many of today’s water based intumescent products, it also dries to leave a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish. 

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