New smart actuators for the process industry

Louise Smyth

What do a fox and an electric valve actuator have in common? A lot, if the actuator is AUMA’s new Profox. Like its namesake, Profox is not only cunning and adaptable but also extremely hardy. Aimed at process applications requiring fast and precise positioning, flexibility and future-proof interfaces, the new actuators combine high performance with many new features and an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Built-in intelligence makes the actuators equally suited to open-close duty and modulating applications. Adjustable speed ensures fast and precise positioning. Operating costs are low, thanks to high mechanical efficiency and low standby consumption. Innovative diagnostics ensure long-term availability and future-proof the actuators for IIoT applications.

Modular design ensures that the new actuators work with gate, butterfly, ball and globe valves. There are multi-turn versions for torques of 10-100Nm and part-turn versions delivering 32-600Nm. A linear actuator will follow soon.

The common communication protocols are supported. Compact design allows Profox actuators to fit tight spaces.

IP67 protection (IP68 optional) and AUMA’s corrosion protection ensure long life even under the toughest process conditions, at temperatures from –30°C to 70°C.
The actuators are simple and easy to use, with rapid installation and commissioning via pushbuttons or an app. Actuator status is always clearly visible, even from a

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