New sensor tech for data gathering

Jon Lawson

EZmaintain from Cleveland, Ohio has introduced what is claimed to be the world’s first cloud-based CMMS (computerised maintenance management software) which can integrate IoT sensors to measure temperature and vibration levels of equipment like motors, gear boxes or generators. Sensors generate real-time data which is transmitted via the internet into EZmaintain’s cloud-based CMMS. 
Users can run web-based CMMS independently to manage failure or preventive work order or maintenance activities. Adding these smart IoT sensors allows users to capture real-time data for condition monitoring through which alerts can be viewed directly via a CMMS dashboard. If a temperature or vibration signal strays above set alert limits a work order can be generated with one click. The CMMS works from desktop or mobile devices, and the user can add or configure the sensors via the dashboard.
The system is designed for small to large industries including power, paper, oil and gas, water processing, cement manufacturing, CNC machines or any general automation monitoring needs.


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