New sensor designed to scan glass and specular surfaces

Jon Lawson

The ECCO 95.015G is SmartRay’s first sensor designed specifically for flat and specular reflective surfaces. Previously, the 3D scanning of these surfaces had not been possible, because the laser would pass through the glass.

SmartRay has combined its existing ECCO 95 sensor technology with optimised optics to enable the surface to be scanned, while maintaining the compact sensor size. The ECCO 95.015G also provides the high-resolution, high-speed accuracy and reliability associated with the ECCO range.
Offering 3D data quality, the glass sensor is designed for use in the consumer electronics and mobile phone housing markets, and can be easily configured for a wide variety of other applications. It can be used with third party vision software or the customer’s own software framework to enable a completely customisable, cost-effective solution for inspecting any flat glass or specular surface.
The 450 nm brilliant blue laser delivers a typical lateral resolution between 6 and 6.8 µm, and a vertical resolution between 0.42 and 0.54 µm, and can create a 3D profile with up to 1920 points. Mounted at a 21 degree pitch angle, it provides a typical field of view of 12mm at mid-field.