New rotational postion sensor for harsh environments

Jon Lawson

Rotational position needs to be detected in many applications. However, some encoders are not suited for the rough environmental conditions typically found in these applications where dirt, humidity and extreme temperatures are present and will force early sensor failures. ASM has launched posirot PMIS4/PMIR7, a non-contact wear-free magnetic incremental encoder solution which was designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It offers a simple slide-on shaft assembly.

The measuring system consists of a sensor head PMIS4 and a magnetic ring PMIR7 with magnetic index marking. The sensor head is made of a robust metal and is fully enclosed on all sides. The magnetic ring is available in three different diameters (27, 35 or 50mm) to fit various shaft sizes. It is mounted directly onto a machine or motor shaft without a coupling utilising a patented slide-on mounting solution. The sensor provides a linearity of +/-0.1° and a resolution of 184,320 pulses per revolution. The distance between the sensor head and the magnetic ring can be up to 2mm. It has protection class IP67 and operates at temperatures of -40 to +85°C. Furthermore it is shielded against electromagnetic interference. Available output types are HTL and TTL.