New range of super capacitors

Louise Davis

VINATech has launched a new series of 3.8 volt ultra low LC super capacitors.

The range offers a series of radial EDLC capacitors from 20 Farad to 270 Farads. This innovative hybrid ultra-capacitor technology uses activated carbon with a lithium electrode to create a high density capacitor with extremely low self discharge characteristics.

The range offers 3~4 times energy density when compared to existing, established EDLCs and the VINATech market leading 3volt series. The LIC series also offers extremely low Leakage Current, making them ideal for regenerative IoT technologies such as wireless sensing, RFiD tagging and a host of rechargeable products such as offender tagging, asset tracking, medical appliances, SMART buildings and Lighting by supporting pulse management in communications products such as water and gas data loggers which use battery power as prime power source.

Temperature ranges are from -30c~+70°C (or 85°C when de-rated to 3.5v). With a cycle life exceeding 100,000 full cycles the LIC offers much longer life than similar battery-based pulse products which can only manage 1,000+. Product size ranges from 10mm x 30mm to the largest being 25mm x 40mm. In the pipeline is a smaller 10Farad device.

Despite the Lithium in the name this LIC product meets with RoHS, WEEE & REACH regulations and does not have any limitation for international transportation.