New progressing cavity pumps target oil and gas applications

Paul Boughton

Mono’s progressing cavity (PC) pump technology is suited to the typically arduous applications found in oil and gas sector, where solids-entrained multiphase fluids such as drilling muds, drill cuttings and produced waters need to be transferred with a steady flow and low shear.

The new API 676 EZstrip pumps provide a practical, reliable and proven solution which helps prevent emulsification, while also resisting the effects of abrasion without gas locking. This makes them suitable for many types of oil, gas and mud handling duties in drilling, exploration, production, processing and separation operations.

The pumps feature a long-coupled, full-size base frame design that incorporates a drip tray in accordance with the API 676 Third edition. Supplied complete with a mechanical seal to API 682 Category 1, the pumps also incorporate Mono’s EZstrip technology which provides a quick and easy way to disassemble and fully maintain them in-situ. This can dramatically reduce the time needed to replace a rotor, stator, coupling rod and drive train by up to 95 per cent.     

The self-priming pumps can be manufactured from different materials to suit different applications, ranging from mild and stainless steel through to traceable and NACE-certified duplex steels. They are bi-directional, which allows them to be mounted horizontally or vertically, and the positive seal formed by the interference fit between rotor and stator makes them ideal for low net positive suction head applications.

The gentle action of the new pumps prevents the emulsification of oil and water mixtures such as reject oil or separator feeds. The low velocity of the fluid through the pump, and the low rubbing velocity of the metal rotor against the stator, ensures low rates of abrasion and wear, while rotors with specialist coatings can also be supplied to provide additional wear and corrosion resistance.  

In addition to the many standard features which are offered by the API 676 EZstrip pumps, are options such as dry run protection, plus ATEX and API 682 seal systems.

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