New profiles available for lifting

Louise Smyth

Verlinde Eurosytem STD (steel) and ALD (aluminium) systems are now available thanks to the widening of the present range of Eurosytem ST and AL hollow profiles. This new family of steel and aluminium profiles enables the design and manufacture of modular lifting systems such as runways, single-beam or double-beam overhead cranes to operate with Verlinde's range of powered or manual chain hoists.

It is designed to handle light loads of up to 2000kg. There is an excellent rolling coefficient and minimised strain on the bearing structure due to its pendulum-type design. The system is modular and numerous configurations can be arranged to include monorails, runways, single-beam or double-beam suspended or encastred overhead cranes, telescopic beams and single or complete circuit systems, with points for changing the direction of travel or with a multi-direction turntable. All these combinations enable it to fully adapt to any site's development or production process needs. Reduced approach distances and the compactness of the STD and ALD components enable optimisation of working space. This characteristic enables access for handling to non-rectangular spaces and to areas inaccessible to conventional systems.

The basic component of the Eurosytem STD steel overhead handling system is a special cold-formed hollow profile made from metal plates providing an extremely uniform surface. The rolling track surface evenness results in almost silent operation. Five sizes are available in this range, two of which have an integrated power supply.

Eurosytem ALD in aluminium r was made possible by the latest cold extrusion engineering innovations and optimisation of structures. The closed structure of the profile makes it possible to keep the inside of the runway clean. Four sizes are available in this range, two of which have an integrated power supply.

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