New precision nanopositioning controllers

Louise Davis

Prior Scientific has launched Queensgate NanoScan NPC-D-6000 series multi-channel closed loop controllers. Both the single and multi-channel digital nanopositioning controllers are designed to operate in a closed loop feedback mode with stages or actuators incorporating capacitive position sensors. 

Fast position update rates contribute to high speed positioning accuracy for dynamic applications that require high speed movement of the stage. The NPC-D-6330 controller is capable of controlling up to 3 piezo driven actuators and 2 or 3 axis nanopositioning systems. The NPC-D-6110 is a single channel version delivering the same performance for single axis nanopositioning systems.

The NPC-D-6000 series controllers deliver repeatability of movement with improved precision and accuracy for precise imaging and focusing at higher maximum speeds with fast step settle times. This can be particularly important for longer range stages or stages designed for high load bearing.

Several applications and markets are benefitting from the new product including microscopy, AFM, hard disk drive testing, metrology, beam steering & nanoscale machining.