New potting compound for encapsulation

Jon Lawson

Intertronics has launched its latest product, SilGel 612, a low viscosity silicone sealant by Wacker. The properties of SilGel 612 make it a suitable sealant for electronic product manufacturers, especially in applications such as potting and encapsulation of electronic control units, sensors and printed circuit boards.

SilGel 612 has a simple one to one mix ratio and is completely transparent. It cures to a soft gel at room temperature and curing can be accelerated using heat, which makes the product suitable for manufacturers with high production rates.
“SilGel 612 is the latest addition to our range of silicone sealants and it offers numerous benefits,” explained Kevin Cook, Technical Manager of Intertronics. “Potting and encapsulation provide protection from the environment and stray voltages, which increases the reliability of a product’s operation and extends its lifetime.
“Electronic products are often installed in harsh environments such as underwater or in process laboratories where chemical or high temperature exposure is possible. SilGel 612 is waterproof and protects from many environmental contaminants, which makes it a suitable choice for sensors and other electronic products that must withstand challenging conditions.”
The gel-like texture of SilGel 612 allows it to effectively absorb shock and vibration. Therefore, it can be used for products that are subject to physical stresses such as automotive parts. It can also be mechanically removed and reworked, providing flexibility for manufacturers.