New portable test kit

Louise Davis

A robust, portable, non-contact capacitive bench test kit for measuring the thickness variation of automotive brake discs is now available from Micro-Epsilon.

The new capaNCDT DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) case is a special purpose portable test kit for brake disc manufacturers and automotive suppliers. The kit is specifically designed for non-contact measurement of brake disc thickness variation for bench tests, quality assurance and warranty claims purposes.
The kit includes a portable carrying case, which contains a two-channel controller (capaNCDT 6229) two capacitive (CS1) displacement sensors with corresponding cables, conversion kit with earthing/grounding terminals, licensed software for DTV measurements, and a mounting bracket kit.
The CS1 capacitive sensors determine the thickness of the brake disc from both sides using the Differential Principle. While the brake disc rotates, thickness deviation is calculated over the complete circumference of the disc. Using several capacitive sensors in pairs (or the CHS1-4FL multi-channel sensor from Micro-Epsilon), multi-track thickness measurements can be performed without having to use an additional encoder.
Combined with the controller, both sensor channels can be processed synchronously. Data is output via an ethernet interface. The controller is activated by the Disc Thickness Variation Measurement software supplied as standard by Micro-Epsilon. Data can be evaluated using a PC or notebook.

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