New PCB cleaners

Jon Lawson

MicroCare has launched ten new cleaning products. Featured among these developments are flux-cleaning chemistries in a new, convenient pocket-sized cleaning pen package. The range features three formulations: the no-clean flux remover, the RMA flux remover and the water-soluble flux remover pens. These three new cleaners have been designed to specifically remove fluxes quickly and safely and ensure PCBs will enjoy a long and productive life at the lowest possible cost.

It is expected the best-seller will be the no-clean flux remover pen. This product is formulated to remove no-clean fluxes and pastes quickly, leaving no residue. It also has the added benefit of cleaning other contaminants like adhesives, oil and grease and is an excellent degreaser and general-purpose cleaner. Importantly it has low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and is exempt from VOC regulations in most areas, making it an ideal option for use on modern production lines and repair centres. The chemistry is based on the popular MicroCare cleaner, the no-clean flux remover - VeriClean.

“Better, faster and more convenient cleaning solves numerous PCB assembly problems and makes a stronger, more durable circuit,” explained Dan Sinclair, MicroCare National Sales Manager. “These new cleaning pens will give technicians another option to quickly clean their PCBs and produce strong, reliable circuitry.”