New overmoulded cable solutions

Louise Davis

Cable specialist SAB Bröckskes is expanding its range of medical cables with a new plug & play solution with overmoulding, made of medical grade silicone or thermoplastic elastomers. In order to achieve a secure and smooth material connection between the electrical line and the plug, all the necessary components are fine-tuned to each other.

This benefits the manufacturer of medical components as they can rely on the proven support of the biocompatible base material prototype through manufacturing lengths starting at 100m. "This can only be achieved through constant dialogue with customers," explained Marc Gerlatzek, SAB Medical Product Manager. 

New developments, such as autoclavable USB 3.0 cable are already being designed by SAB Bröckskes with a view to possible overmoulding. Manufacturers of medical devices will be able to use this complete system solution as a tailor-made plug & play product from a single source for greater design freedom in the development of devices.