New motion control system for automation

Louise Smyth

Festo's new CPX-E control system is focused primarily on motion control functions for handling technology and offers a standardised, integrated platform for the consistent combination of servo technology and stepper motor technology. Representing a radical move into EtherCAT master controls, the CPX-E combines high quality with a compact size that makes it ideal for incorporation in panels where space is at a premium. 

Scalable motion functions include simple movements, multi-axis movements, contour applications and robotics. Combined with Festo kinematics – such as a planar surface gantry or Cartesian three-dimensional gantry – the CPX-E can control parts handling, assembly systems palletising, gluing and dispensing functions. It can also be used to achieve full automation of packaging machines, palletising systems, assembly machines and handling systems.
The CPX-E system consists of individual function modules that can be combined to create a modular, compact and flexible automation platform. Specifiers can select from control, bus, input/output and IO-Link master modules. Depending on the combination, the CPX-E can be used as a purely remote I/O system or as a centralised or decentralised control system. The CPX-E control system meets the interference immunity requirements in accordance with NE21 for process and laboratory control equipment and is available in options rated to IP20 and IP65.
It offers comprehensive PLC functions and multi-axis applications with interpolation. Equipped with an EtherCAT master interface, integrated PROFINET device interface or an EtherNet/IP slave interface, the CPX-E is easily incorporated into existing host systems. There is also support for SoftMotion and all controllers have an integrated bus interface, so there is no need for an additional bus module for connecting to higher-order controllers. OPC UA client and server functions are available for easy integration and interoperability in Industry 4.0 host environments with cloud and digitalisation concepts.
Programming is achieved via a standardised CODESYS programming interface, so the CPX-E can present an identical appearance to the existing customer interface. It includes PLCopen Part 1 and Part 2, robotics (PLCopen Part 4), a cam disc editor and a CNC editor (dxf file import). Simple-to-use but powerful and time saving Festo Automation Suite software for planning and managing projects is also included; significantly reducing engineering workload.


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