New medical push-pull connectors

Jon Lawson

With the introduction of the JMX plastic push-pull series, Souriau has made an entry into the market for connectors for electronic medical equipment. The design corresponds to medical device manufacturers' requirements in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

ISO 13485 is the system standard which applies to the manufacturing of all medical devices. As a component manufacturer, Souriau is not obliged to comply with this regulation. However, from a marketing as well as an ethical point of view, the decision to apply ISO 13485 in the design phase and later in the production and quality control phases was never in question. 

In contrast to other industrial fields, where connector standards are extremely strict, in the medical sector is mainly a question of respecting complementary user risk analysis requirements. 

For every function and every part of the product - contacts, mating system, polarity key, cable strain relief, sterilisation, waterproofing, each aspect the connectors have undergone in-depth study and rigorous testing throughout the design process. 

The series consists of 9 configurations ranging from 2 power contacts to 12 signal contacts.