New Li-ion charger for up to 14 battery cells

Louise Davis

Norwegian power design expert Mascot AS introduces its next-generation high-quality, high-performance lithium-ion battery charger, the new model 3546LI. The 3546LI uses a 3-stage charging profile with a microprocessor to maximise battery performance. The new charger is also capable of waking up deeply discharged batteries and soft-start charging with low current until voltage is normalised.

It is well suited for a wide variety of applications from medical to consumer; owners of the new 3546LI charger will enjoy optimised uptime and turnaround for battery-powered equipment such as patient lifters, LED lighting systems and power-assisted E-Mobility products. The 3546LI is medically certified according to EN 60601-1 3ed and UL-approved. Five standard versions are initially available for charging batteries from 3 cell (2.7A/8.4V) to 10 cells (0.7A/42V), with six more versions to come, charging from 1 up to 14 cells.

Alternative chargers that terminate the charge on reaching the battery’s threshold voltage can shorten charging time but always leave some capacity unfilled. The 3546LI’s 3-stage charging first restores the full 4.2V battery voltage and then applies the saturation charge needed to fill the battery completely. This ensures the longest possible battery run-time. Charging finishes when the current falls to 100mA.

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