New leak detector launched

News Editor
Gas prices are rising to record levels. To prevent gases from flowing out of pipes, the PCE-LDC 15 leak tester helps to find leaks.
The new leak detector is used wherever gases can escape from leaks in piping systems, for instance in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems in industrial areas as well as door seals. The operating frequency of the leakage tester is 40kHz (± 2 kHz).
The sound of escaping gases is within the ultrasonic range. Two different measuring attachments are included in the scope of delivery to be able to carry out an optimised measurement depending on the distance. The sound funnel bundles the noise from a greater distance and converts it into audible frequencies. Other interfering noises are suppressed by the special design of the sound funnel.
The guide tube allows fewer ultrasonic waves to pass through to the transducer at close range. This makes the measurement very precise. Thanks to the soundproof headphones, it is possible to use the device even in very noisy environments.
The sensitivity of the leak detector can be adjusted via the touchscreen. The sensitivity can be understood as the noise level - the lower the sensitivity, the lower the range of the measurement.
The built-in laser pointer helps to locate leaks precisely. The battery can be charged by an external charger. The operating time is at least 10 hours. To save battery power, the leakage tester switches itself off at a voltage of approx. 6.4V.
The PCE-LDC 15 is suitable for quick and precise localisation of leaks in industrial plants. The leak detector can be used almost anywhere thanks to the soundproof headphones and adjustable sensitivity.

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