New laser power & energy meter

News Editor

The new Miro Altitude is a laser power and energy measurement instrument developed by Gentec-EO.

The new device features a 10in high-resolution screen allowing users to read their laser beam measurements from across the room. The super strong and durable device was built with the idea in mind that it needed to be plug-and-play, so it really is easy to use. The software lets the user choose from three convenient display modes to optimise their productivity in all possible work setups and laser applications.

Gentec-EO designed Miro Altitude to be compatible with all Gentec-EO power and energy detectors, so that all current customers can upgrade their measurement system if they wish to.

A built-in data viewer and a built-in file manager were added in this new-generation measurement instrument.

Also new to a Gentec-EO measurement instrument is the XNR Anticipation function. With this function users can measure their laser up to 10x faster. Time matters in many laser applications, so it’s necessary for many to get their measurements as quick as possible in order to not interrupt their laser processes.

Miro Altitude is designed to be used on tabletop, on a stand and handheld.