New intuitive pressure switch

Paul Boughton

Telemecanique Sensors has announced the newest product in the OsiSense range for sensing and detecting solutions. OsiSense XMLR is an intuitive pressure switch that combines high performance with maximum ease of use. It offers easy access to current pressure information, even when the pressure transmitter itself is placed in a hard-to-reach location.

Installation of the OsiSense XMLR easy switch takes minimum time and effort. Mounting is simple and flexible, as the device comes complete with a compact rotating body and reversed display function. It can also be placed directly on the ZMLP switch and display remotely via the M12 connector. The body can then be rotated for easy adjustment of the viewing angle.
The ergonomic design of the switch sets a new standard for configuration ease. Use two simple pushbuttons to navigate an intuitive menu, which is structured according to the VDMA standards.

At each device start-up, all segments of the display briefly light up to confirm that it is operating correctly. If necessary, the device status can be further tested via an additional fast diagnostic function.