New insert arrangements for receptacle connectors

Paul Boughton

TE Connectivity (TE), a leader in connectivity, now offers new insert arrangements for its ARINC 600 Next Generation Receptacle connectors. These connectors are suitable for commercial and military avionics for air-to-ground communications, in-flight entertainment and collision avoidance, and they deliver significant cost and weight savings.

New insert arrangements that support cost and weight savings include: 60 position for Size 1 ARINC shells; 100 and 150 position for Size 2 and Size 3 ARINC shells; 120T2 and 68Q2 position for Size 2 and Size 3 ARINC shells

The ARINC 600 Next Generation Receptacle connectors were designed to be lighter and more cost-effective by utilising a stamped and formed contact system versus the traditional, screw-machined contact system. The stamped system also allows for selectively plating only the critical socket contact tines with gold instead of the whole contact, decreasing gold-plating costs. Weight is also reduced by changing to hollow contacts instead of the solid contacts used in the legacy design. Additionally, moving to a monoblock insert simplified the production process, saving even more.

The connectors are completely intermatable with existing ARINC 600 plug connectors and deliver equivalent performance as traditional ARINC 600 connectors. TE offers a solder-tail version for complete backwards compatibility with legacy printed circuit board designs. The press-fit (eye of needle) compliant tail version is available for future box designs.

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