New housing for connector system

Louise Smyth

The CombiTac system from Stäubli Electrical Connectors now features a light housing with centralised locking.

The new housing was specially designed for industrial test applications across a variety of industries. It features an innovative centralised locking mechanism that’s as easy to use as ‘a quarter-turn to open, a quarter-turn to close’. The benefits are obvious.

In an electrical testing lab, a large number of signal connections are needed between test instruments and the units under test.

They need to be connected quickly and easily - and that’s where the CombiTac light housing comes in, providing for simple, fast and secure connection and disconnection of test instruments and units under test. A quarter-turn of the user-friendly spring locking mechanism locks it in place.

Once plugged in, the housing can be opened quickly, allowing for direct access to contacts so that electrical measurements can be made.

The CombiTac light housing can combine signals at high density: up to 320 contacts with a diameter of 0.6mm.

A configuration with other electrical contacts with a diameter of up to 6mm is also possible. Flexibility, modularity and user-friendly design are once again at the forefront. The system is adaptable and extensible; empty carriers can be used for later expansion, and the coding can also be changed manually on site.

The CombiTac modular connector system allows individual combination of power, signal, thermocouple, coaxial, fibre optic, pneumatic, hydraulic and bus connections in a compact frame or housing. CombiTac modular connectors are used in demanding applications that require versatile, reliable and long life connectors.

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