New hollow shaft actuators

Paul Boughton

The UK division of precision gear and servo actuator manufacturer Harmonic Drive has announced a new range of lightweight hollow shaft servo actuators. Used in industrial applications where high accuracy, high torque and low weight are essential, the new CHA-14 and CHA-17 actuators go one step further by introducing a central hollow shaft. This helps OEMs minimise complexity in varied industrial applications such as offshore oil and gas, broadcast, automation and robotics.

The CHA series feature a versatile hollow shaft that its makers claim is the largest on the market. This makes it easy to pass power supply cables, shafts or laser beams directly through the servo actuator. OEMs can now simplify application designs and ultimately save considerably on development costs and assembly time.

The new actuators target the increasing demand by the industry for more compact, powerful and cost effective machine tools. In conjunction with the integrated hollow shaft, robustness is maximised by using high-capacity, tilt-resistant output bearings to allow direct mounting of the load.

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