New heating/cooling table

Paul Boughton

Hillesheim's latest development is a portable heating/cooling table on which various materials, such as plastics and metals, can be kept at or warmed up to, a uniform temperature. The temperature of the heating table's aluminium heat plate is continuously adjustable up to 100 °C under control of a built-in electronic regulator. The HTI temperature regulator is also a new development from Hillesheim.

The HTI16 integral regulating device detects temperature across the entire surface of the heat plate, thereby ensuring a far more uniform surface temperature than would be possible with a conventional sensor regulator. The regulator control unit attached to the side of the heating table provides a digital display of plate temperature. The heating table is available in four sizes.

Optionally, the heating table can be equipped with an additional built-in cooling plate. This feature permits cooling processes to be accelerated with liquids or even compressed air. This feature requires a separate cooling unit or compressed air source (customer provided).

The heating/cooling table can be used for following applications: mold design and construction; automobile construction; in the wood and paper industry; at book binderies; and in the plastic industry.

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