New half-bridge IGBT module

Jon Lawson

Littelfuse introduces the MG12600WB-BR2MM Series, the latest addition to its IGBT Module Power Semiconductor portfolio.

The new 1200V, 600A Half-Bridge IGBT Module Series offers designers a substantially higher current rating than the portfolio’s previous maximum current rating (450A), offering the high efficiency and fast switching speeds of modern IGBT technology in a robust and flexible format.

The module’s compact (152 x 62 x 17mm) package simplifies thermal management and allows for less complex, more elegant system designs. This multi-chip module reduces solder joint and PC board space requirements. The WB configuration package is available in various current ratings for the release of products across a wide power range.

Applications for the MG12600WB-BR2MM Series include power control applications, such as flexible and efficient industrial and servo drives, solar inverters, high power converters, UPSs, and welding equipment.

The MG12600WB-BR2MM 1200V, 600A Half-Bridge IGBT Module Series offers these key benefits:

*Trench-gate field stop IGBT technology ensures state-of-the-art IGBTs with optimal conduction and switching performance

* Low saturation voltage and positive temperature coefficient means that MG12600WB-BR2MM modules can be easily paralleled to increase system current

* Fast switching and short tail current allows for higher system efficiency through reduced switching losses.