New fully differential amplifiers launched

Paul Boughton

Texas Instruments (TI) has announced two new fully differential amplifiers (FDAs) that provide DC-coupled applications with excellent AC performance to improve system capabilities and performance. The LMH3401 and LMH5401 FDAs provide higher bandwidth and slew rate, and lower distortion than existing ADC drivers. The performance of the LMH3401 and LMH5401 can enable radar systems that help keep populations safer and wireless base stations that drop fewer calls, while providing faster upload speeds.

The LMH3401 provides 16 dB of gain with higher performance than similar FDAs, while providing a 30 percent reduction in both size and power consumption. It delivers 7 GHz of -3-dB bandwidth at 16-dB gain, a high slew rate of 18,000 V/us, and low harmonic distortion of -77 dBc at 500 MHz. 

The LMH5401 can be configured for 6 dB of gain or more, delivering 6.2 GHz of -3 dB bandwidth at 12-dB gain. It provides industry-leading performance with a slew rate of 17,500 V/us, harmonic distortion of -90 dBc at 200 MHz, and IMD3 of -90 dBc at 200 MHz.