New Fluid Catalytic Cracking technology

Jon Lawson

BASF has announced the launch of Valor, its next generation Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalyst technology designed to enhance the performance of FCC catalysts processing heavy residuum (resid) oil feedstock. Valor is BASF’s latest innovation in metals passivation. It leads to superior catalyst activity maintenance and enables refinery profit maximisation and increased sustainability of operations through higher and prolonged catalyst efficacy.

The ever-increasing number of refineries processing feedstock with high amounts of metal contaminants requires an FCC catalyst technology which effectively passivates these metal contaminants to mitigate their detrimental effect on unit operation. Valor addresses this important market need by effectively passivating Vanadium, thereby alleviating its destructive effects on FCC catalyst performance.

Refineries that used Valor technology in their FCC units achieved improved catalyst activity retention with lower hydrogen and coke yields.




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