New flexible, self-adhesive capacitive sensor

Jon Lawson

Balluff has launched a new self-adhesive, capacitive sensor head with IP 64 protection for non-contact, continuous level detection on non-conductive vessel or pipe outer walls made of glass, plastic or ceramic. The flexible sensor head with a maximum detection range of up to 850mm in length can be individually trimmed to length (minimum 108mm) and easily attached to container walls without additional accessories using the integrated adhesive surface. For polar, aqueous media the wall thickness may be between 2 and 6mm, or up to 2mm for non-conductive media such as oil or bulk materials.

The sensor is designed for use with type BAE amplifiers from Balluff. The optional amplifier allows levels to be continually detected over the entire measuring range as analog values or via IO-Link or as minimum or maximum value exceeding. Both the IO-Link and the analog convenience amplifier feature versatile setting possibilities. 


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