New flange plate for cabinets

Jon Lawson

With the KDS-FP flange plate, Conta-Clip takes the tool-free click-and-push concept of its cable entry system KDSClick to a larger scale for control cabinet construction. 

With this system extension, the connection technology primarily address the needs of series machine and special purpose machinery manufacturers, who are dealing with wiring requirements for cabinet packing that keep changing all the time. KDS-FP is an extra-flexible solution for managing cables and pneumatic or hydraulic tubes - the number and diameters of the required openings can be seamlessly adapted at any time without drilling, sawing or other machining. At all times, the system reliably provides IP66 sealing. 

First, a cavity with standard dimensions in the cabinet wall is fully and tightly sealed by screwing on the flange plate. Then, up to three plate segments can be broken off at predetermined breaking points as needed without the use of tools. Each removed segment reveals a 40x110mm duct that can be further divided into up to ten frame openings by snapping frame inlays from the KDSClick series into place. 

For users who want an additional strain relief of the cable towards the inside of the cabinet, a locking accessory for sealing elements provides a toolless solution that can be clicked into undercuts at the back of the flange plate.