New debugger/programmer for microcontrollers

Louise Davis

RS Components has introduced the MPLAB PICkit 4 in-circuit debugger/programmer from Microchip, which enables fast and easy debugging

and programming of PIC microcontrollers (MCUs) and dsPIC digital signal controllers (DSCs) using the MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE).

The new low-cost PICkit 4 builds on its predecessor – the PICkit 3 – to deliver five times faster programming, increased functionality, a wider target-device voltage range and more debugging interface options.

Meeting the needs of development engineers involved in programming and debugging 8-, 16- or 32-bit devices, the faster programming time will make the tool especially suitable for 32-bit microcontrollers with larger memory capacities. In addition to supporting Microchip’s PIC MCUs and
DSCs, the tool also supports debugging and programming for the CEC1702 family of hardware cryptography-enabled devices.

The PICkit 4 also has a unique ‘programmer-to-go’ function with the addition of a micro-SD card slot to hold project code and the ability to be powered by the target board enabling in-the-field programming. Other features include: automatic programming, as fast as allowed by the device; supply of up to 50mA of power to the target; and minimal current consumption at less than 100µA.

New device support and features are available by installing the latest version of the MPLAB X IDE, which is designed to work on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.