New corrosion-resistance solution

Louise Smyth

Assets in high impact environments, such as offshore installations can now benefit from Oxifree’s corrosion and contamination protection, following the launch of Oxitape. The new solution is a protective shell that guards Oxifree’s TM198 thermoplastic coating from abrasion and impact damage in areas subject to heavy environmental impact as well as equipment that is buried underground. 

Corrosion costs the global oil and gas industry more than US$60 billion a year, with the offshore industry particularly vulnerable. Offshore environments provide the perfect conditions for corrosion, from salt water to wave slam to impact from support vessels.

Offshore operators across the globe are already saving millions of dollars by protecting assets with Oxifree. Oxitape brings the benefits of Oxifree TM198 to an even wider range of applications and environments by protecting the coating from environmental and accidental damage.

Oxitape is simply applied over the top of the Oxifree TM198, providing a defensive shell that offers complete protection from contact as well as corrosion and contamination. While ensuring maximum protection, both Oxifree products are easily removed, making it easy to conduct inspection and maintenance.  

Ed Hall, MD of Oxifree, says: “One of the biggest challenges facing the oil and gas sector is how to increase asset lifetime, and reduce the costs associated with shutdowns and unscheduled maintenance caused by corrosion. This challenge becomes even more difficult in offshore installations, which operate in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet.

“Previously, operators had no choice but to accept that assets would have to be replaced regularly; with the launch of Oxitape, however, they can bring the benefits of Oxifree’s TM198 coating to a much wider range of applications, assets and environments, providing them with unbeatable protection against corrosion and contamination.”

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